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We have a CICPA Security pass for the oil field site. We provide diesel to the biggest companies in UAE with modern tanker and full safety service. Our drivers have the perfect experience in dealing with risk management. Our team can speak the required languages on the site.
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Our prime product is Diesel Gas Oil with a sulfur content of up to a maximum of 0.001% (10 PPM). This fuel strictly adheres to the UAE.S.477:2013 ECAS standards set by the Emirates Authority of Standardization and Metrology. With its low sulfur content, it ensures optimum performance, reduced emissions, and compliance with environmental regulations.


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Diesel with a sulfur content of 10 parts per million (ppm), often referred to as "Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel" (ULSD), is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to traditional diesel with higher sulfur content. It is commonly used in modern diesel engines to meet emissions regulations and improve air quality standards. Diesel with a sulfur content of 10 ppm or less is widely available in many regions to comply with environmental regulations aimed at reducing harmful emissions from vehicles and machinery.

Why Choose Our 10 PPM Diesel in Abu Dhabi?

  1. Ultra-Low Sulfur: Our diesel fuel contains only 10 parts per million of sulfur, reducing harmful emissions and helping the environment.
  2. High Efficiency: Experience improved engine performance and fuel efficiency with our premium 10 ppm diesel.
  3. Reliable Supply: We ensure a consistent and reliable supply of diesel to meet your business needs.

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